Events and Hospitality

Working with a variety of stakeholders and booking multiple companies, what could be better than storing all these signed documents securely in one place?


Reduce the risk of lost documents through FP Sign

Example use cases:

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  • Created with Sketch. Event registration
  • Created with Sketch. Front Invoices sign in
  • Created with Sketch. Catering contracts
  • Created with Sketch. Venue bookings
  • Created with Sketch. Entertainment contracts

3 reasons why Events & Hospitality need FP Sign:


Easy to use

Sending documents out to multiple stakeholders couldn't be easier. Define where the recipients signature is required so it's straight forward for them to return.


Time Saving

Save time, whilst quickly sending and receiving signatures, reducing valuable administration time.  



All important documents are stored stored in one place, so it is quick and easy for you to locate them.