Human Resources

Reduce paper, maintain a professional image and securely store important documentation with FP Sign.


Make life easier by securely storing all documents in one place

Example use cases include:

  • Created with Sketch. New employee documentation
  • Created with Sketch. Holiday forms
  • Created with Sketch. Contract agreements
  • Created with Sketch. Change of address forms
  • Created with Sketch. Policy acknowledgements
  • Created with Sketch. Personnel announcements

Environmentally friendly

FP Sign reduces the amount of paper in your office, which not only increases your Corporate Social Responsibility but also frees up the resources required for storing important documents in your office. 


Cost saving

Save money throughout the new hire process, reducing printing and scanning costs, whilst saving valuable time. FP Sign also creates a great impression to potential candidate and new hires, enhancing  your professional image.



FP Sign ensures your personnel documents are stored securely in one place, whilst providing easy access,  for when you need to locate them, through a unique log in.