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Save your company time and money with our digital signature software

At FP Mailing, we are and always have been focused on providing easier, simpler and more cost effective processes for your business; since 1923.

Today, we want to help businesses do this digitally.

FP Sign is a secure and legally binding way of obtaining signatures on your documents at the click of a button from wherever you are…

Anywhere. Any time. Any device.

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The world of digital signature software can be confusing. 

How does it work? Is it legally binding? Does the recipient need the software too? How much does it cost? How long does it take to set up? What other software do I need?

Arrange a FREE webinar today and one of our friendly support team will talk you through everything that you need to know, answering any questions that you may have.

We want to understand your needs and your current business processes in order to develop the most efficient digital signature software possible.

What does FP Sign offer your business?

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Want to know more about how FP Sign can benefit your business?

See the benefits of FP Sign

FP Sign streamlines your business processes


Your competitive advantage

Real time

Whatever it is that you're sending out to be signed; contracts, approvals, notifications, confirmations of offers, NDA's or internal documents -  FP Sign enables this process in a matter of seconds. This means that you business can run more efficiently, giving you more time in other areas.

Different signature requests

FP Sign gives the option for different signature requests; this ensure authenticity and the correct process flows. Your documents can be signed, counter-signed, accepted or just viewed.


FP Sign also enables you to archive and track the progress of requests; enabling you to organise your documents at the click of a button. You can see which requests you have sent, which requests are pending and which requests have been completed. 

Award winning security for your digital documents


eIDAS compliant

FP Sign was developed FP Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH and uses computer centres certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). The FP Sign software is eIDAS compliant; this is an EU regulation that verifies the identity of individuals and businesses online or the authenticity of electronic documents.

FP Sign was awarded the “Innovationspreis-IT” (IT Innovation Award) in the category Cloud Computing and thus belongs to the Best of 2017.  

FP Mentana-Claimsoft is a certified provider of the qualified Trust Service “Delivery of electronic registered mail” in accordance with the European signature regulation eIDAS.

Further information on the certifications and memberships can be found on the FP Mentana-Claimsoft website.

The perfect solution for all industries

FP Sign is a  solution suited to every process, every department and every industry. Meeting the modern business with it's availability; anywhere and any time.

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FP Sign can be used to digitally sign PDF files. All you need to do is upload your PDF into FP Sign ready for signatures. You can edit the PDF before you upload it or once it's in FP Sign.

Documents signed with FP Sign can then be archived for up to 110 years. 

Document storage is in compliance with the Basic Principles on the Proper Keeping and Storage of Financial Books, Recordings and Documents in Electronic Form as well as Data Access (GoBD). It also meets all statutory requirements for the storage of documents.

All you need to do is upload your document into FP Sign, specify where you would like the recipient to sign it and then click to send it to them. They will then receive a request, click onto the document and click to add their signature.

This is PaDES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), which is an eiDAS compliant implementation and is therefore legally binding.

When a user registers with FP Sign, an advanced signature certificate is automatically created; this certificate states that FP Sign is signing on behalf of that user. The advanced signature assures integrity (unchangeability) for sender and recipient and can stand up in a court of law. You can find this certificate behind any signature added to any document via FP Sign and can see if amendments have been made to the document since the signature was placed. 

Recipients have various different options.

a) They can refuse to sign a document and at the same time also transmit the reasons for this refusal.

b) If, for instance, subsequent changes are to be inserted into a contract, the recipient can insert corrections into the document to be signed and upload the new PDF, sign it and then return it to the sender for a renewed signature.

c) It is also possible, via FP Sign, to exchange editable PDF files. e.g.  questionnaires completed in advance can be edited by the recipient in the document, signed and returned via FP Sign.

The Law Commission has confirmed that formal legal contracts can be signed electronically under English law. 

The Electronic Signatures Act in 2000 legalised the use of electronic signatures in the UK. This act was superseded by eIDAS in 2016. 

eIDAS is a set of standards for electronic trust services and identification that is supported by the EU countries. This means that UK businesses can use electronic signatures to trade. Even though the UK is intended to leave the EU, these ratified regulation will not be reverted.

Our "signature as a service" solution is fully eIDAS compliant.

FP Sign meets all the requirements of eIDAS, which has been in force since 1 July 2016; this is an EU regulation that verifies the identity of individuals and businesses online or the authenticity of electronic documents.

FP Sign creates signatures on PDF documents and therefore complies with PaDES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) which is one of the 3 eIDAS compliant implementations of electronic signatures. This is turn offers users the major advantage of a Europe-wide legal protection therefore cross-border business relationships are concrete applications.

The security level and thus the proof effect and legal validity of a document can be determined by users themselves when selecting the signature type of the document. This enables the user to present a valid, legible, non-manipulable document to a court of law. FP Sign saves the entire activity log for each document. The history confirms the validity and thereby the integrity of the signature.

When a user registers with FP Sign, an advanced signature certificate is automatically created; this certificate states that FP Sign is signing on behalf of that user. The advanced signature assures integrity (unchangeability) for sender and recipient and can stand up in a court of law. You can find this certificate behind any signature added to any document via FP Sign and can see if amendments have been made to the document since the signature was placed. 

The sender does not need any signature software to receive, sign and send back the document. 

The sender specifies the signature level that the recipient is to sign. Recipients open the link to the document transmitted to them and can then sign it by just one click. 

In order to sign a document in an advanced manner, recipients do not need to be registered with FPSign, neither do they need to have a licence for FP Sign or a special software.  

Using FP Sign, documents can be signed with the advanced signature at any time and from a wide range of different mobile devices.

You can either do this on your browser or download the app in your app store.

FP Sign was developed in Germany by the FP Mentana-Claimsoft GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Francotyp-Postalia Holding AG. Since its establishment in 1996, FP Mentana-Claimsoft has specialised in the development of electronic signatures. For its services such as FP Sign, FP Mentana-Claimsoft uses data centres in Germany that are certified by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). 

In addition, the customer’s own storage infrastructure can be connected.

The identification of the recipient can be requested via a mobile TAN procedure (using a trusted email address / mobile number to send a one off code to access the document). The sender must know email address or mobile telephone number of the recipient and select the option for a 'mobile 2 factor authentication' when they send a document to a recipient.

When the recipient receives notification of a signature request, they can identify themselves through a TAN procedure.

In order to be able exchange documents electronically with FP Sign, the sender must have an FP Sign account.

You can also integrate the FP Sign software into your existing CRM or ERP programs. Alternatively, users can register directly via the portal and set up an account.

With your FP Sign account, you can track all of your documents; your open requests, your signed and completed requests and requests that have been sent to you.

If you are new to FP Sign, you can sign up to a 3 month freemium account and use the software completely free of charge for 3 months.

A recipient simply does not need to have an FP Sign account to sign a document that has been sent to them.

Yes – the benefit of having an eiDAS compliant digital signature provider is that signatures made using the system are legally effective and comply with EU electronic signature laws.

The laws of the countries in the UK do not require a signature to be by hand on a piece of paper for it to be legally effective. Equally, a signature is not, alone, enough to make a contract legally binding. Under English law, other things are needed, including offer, acceptance, certainty of terms, consideration and an intention to create legal relations.

Some contracts, such as those made under Consumer Credit Legislation, require additional formalities to be legally binding

As a recipient you will see who has sent you a document via FP Sign ([senders name / company] via FP Sign).

The email will be sent by FP Sign. If your company would like to use your own email addresses, you can contact us for a custom implementation project with your email server.

As an FP Sign customer, your contract will be for a certain number of users. As an administrator, you can amend the  users as and when you chose on your FP Sign administrator portal; deactivating and activating. If you would like to add to the number of users on your account then you can do so on your administrator account and we will charge for the number of users activated. If you wish to reduce the number of users, you will need to do this at the end of your contract period. 

Yes, you can send as many as you like. You need to upload each PDF simultaneously, stating where to sign on each document.

You can also attach documents to support your signature request.

Yes you can, just upload the document(s) and follow the process to add new recipient. You can determine exactly where the signature(s) should go too.