Government Services

Highest levels of compliance and security, reduce errors and save time whilst maintaining a professional image.  


FP Sign can be used across all government services

Example use cases:

  • Created with Sketch. Housing programmes
  • Created with Sketch. Public health agreements
  • Created with Sketch. Payroll and finance processes
  • Created with Sketch. Council agreements
  • Created with Sketch. Education policies
  • Created with Sketch. Human resource processes

3 reasons why government services need FP Sign:


Legally Binding

Signatures generated through FP Sign are complaint with all UK electronic signature legislation, ensuring your important contracts are still legally binding. 



Maintain your professional image and impress the modern consumer with modern technology.



Remove the need to carry paper around busy work sites and remove the risk of documents getting damaged or loss. Easily sign, store and access documents from your phone or tablet when on the move.