Health Care

FP Sign can improve processes for health care professionals, in both the private and public sector


On the CCS framework...

Being on the CCS framework, FP understands how the health care industry works and therefore how important it is to have the best practices in place. 

Example use cases:

  • Created with Sketch. Patient Intakes
  • Created with Sketch. Claims
  • Created with Sketch. Patient consents
  • Created with Sketch. Provider agreements¬†
  • Created with Sketch. Medical record updates
  • Created with Sketch. Claims processing

The top 3 reasons why Health Care needs FP Sign:



Save limited time resources in the health care industry, by reducing the time spent printing and scanning. Instead send signed documents out at the click of a button. 



Patients confidential data is kept private and secure. 


Save money 

Tight budgets can be met with the use of FP Sign. Save on printing and paper costs by making your processes digital!